TheUniTutor services prides itself on being in the business for more than ten years - since 2002, to be precise. This is a writing service company, that actually has comments dating back to 2009. So, in order to complete this review, I looked over some of them in order to observe the company’s evolution.

In addition to this, I checked the testimonials on the website as well as other features that this writing service has to offer to its customers. The conclusion of this review of TheUniTutor will not be influenced by the lifespan of this writing company, because as we all know, older doesn’t actually mean better.

What Does It Have to Offer?

Since it is such an old writing service, has expanded to countries such as Canada, Australia, or the UK. So, their services and writing products are not for American students only, but also for students from the countries I mentioned above.

The Uni Tutor is specialized in every kind of writing that a graduate or undergraduate student may need. Therefore, you can order dissertations, theses and more, no matter your major, but is it worth it? Can a company with such a great experience meet the expectations?


The Quality of their Products

Well, first of all, the samples that are on the website have some issues. Although some of them are acceptable, they make me think that the writers of this company are not native. The examples featured some bad sentence structures and incorrect use of articles. However, TheUniTutor states that their writers are native English speakers. That’s one red flag right there.

The customer reviews around the web are mixed, with the writing quality being the main problem. Many critical reviews accused the poor quality of the products combined with the poor level of the resources used. However, few of the customers were pleased with what they were handed, but on the large scale, the feedback was quite negative. You read by yourself via clicking this link.

What is interesting though, is the fact that you can order a paper expressing the grade that you want. I believe everybody orders an “A” level grade, but I suppose very few really receive it.


The Prices

Another big problem that people pointed out about this company is the prices it has. rates are on the highest end. For example, if you order an A-grade 8-page research paper for the undergraduate level, it will cost you almost $500. Yes, you read it right. $500 for an 8-page long research paper. This is more than $60 dollars per page.

With such high prices you may think that maybe the discounts are consistent too, but NO. The Uni Tutor doesn’t have any kinds of discounts, not even coupon codes or a promo code if you are a new customer. There is no special pricing not even if you are a loyal customer. Basically, the discounts do not exist for this company.

However, if you want to order a dissertation in 5 days, this will cost you $25,000. What a relief, right?



The final rating for this writing services company is bad. With prices ridiculously high and poor-quality writing that doesn’t match the costs, is nothing but a bad joke.


There are plenty of other writing companies that can be a better solution for a student in need than this one. Maybe if the prices were a bit lower, then the review would not have been that rough, but that’s not the case here.