how to beat turnitin

The Internet has made it so much easier to detect copied content, in any shape it might be. Professors use online detectors more than students. Surely, all students know how to use the online plagiarism detector on

However, not even half of them know how to plagiarize without getting caught by turnitin. It’s neither simple to do it, nor ethical, but sometimes ethics really must fall on the last place. When you’re constrained by time, you’ll do whatever it takes to complete the paper you’ve been assigned to write. Copy-pasting included.

But what if we told you that isn’t omnipotent?


How to Beat Turnitin

1.      Take your best shot at writing the paper yourself  

Obviously, the best way to destroy an algorithm is by creating 100% original content. It will probably be less qualitative than if you had plagiarized it from elsewhere, but your writing skills will definitely improve with time. If you can’t seem to write it, then “inspire” yourself and use the following techniques of rendering Turnitin useless.


2.     Use text images detects text. It goes over it and signals all the portions that have been plagiarized. But when you add some photos of the same text, the software blows past them. It doesn’t recognize it as text. You’ll have to add some text, though; if you don’t, the document will appear as if it were blank.


3.     Replace some of the text  

Reformulate it in your own words, that is. There’s not even the slightest chance that the algorithm will be able to tell that that is copied content. Be careful not to break the text.

Simply rewrite all the fragments of interest to you. Look for synonyms in a thesaurus, for example. You can also swap the order of the sentences as long as they still make sense in the end.


4.     Use macros

For instance, you could add a tilde to every “a” in your paper. It would look like “a~” so the software won’t take the text as being plagiarized. The macros can then be reset, so once your paper is re-opened the “a~” switches back to “a”. You can find all the guidelines to doing this on the Internet. You’re not the only one that tried this method out. You can also mess up the structure by using macros and then export the document in PDF format.


5.     Use paper writing services  

This is the safest method of avoiding plagiarism and all the hassle involved in learning how to cheat Turnitin. Search for an online writing service, make some comparisons to see which would work best for you and you’ll get your paper in no time. You’ll pay for it, definitely, but it’s worth the money.

Writing services know that plagiarism is a problem, that’s why they provide original academic papers. The writers behind them don’t need to cheat Turnitin to write your paper. The years of experience they have will do the trick just as well.



It seems that the guys from never stop researching new ways of preventing cheaters from tampering with the software. They infuse it with new updates on a regular basis, so in a rather short time, these methods could be futile. Your best options remain: write the paper yourself or hire a paper writing company to do it for you.


If you doubt your skills, then the second option is recommended. You’ll lose a few bucks, but not as many as you think. Writing services are relatively cheap, so everybody gets the opportunity to use them for their benefit.