Communicating Across Cultures

Today management of has taken a new approach to facilitate smooth working with people from all walks of life. Managers especially, shoulder the main responsibility of ensuring that working activities are well coordinated and orders well executed. This means that the manager must learn how to appreciate social and cultural difference among his or her employees while at work place and any other place where duty calls. The essence of understanding people’s culture is to ensure that all employees are treated with respect while at the same time giving no room for compromised performance (Dubrin, 2010). This paper discusses several ways in which any organization can prepare its managers to work with people from different cultural backgrounds as a way of achieving the set targets.

One significant way that an organization can prepare its managers to effectively work with people from different background is by introducing guided training on communication skills that caters across different cultures (Dubrin, 2010).. The managers will have to learn how different cultures communicate, that is how they communicate u verbally and with their body language. For instance, managers must learn how to figure out if an employee’s body language that can suggest collaborative working or rebellious instincts (Barrett, 2003). There are many ways in which people in the working environment communicate verbally and physically just as there are many different cultures. Training managers on effective communication skill will not only improve the work relationship with their employees but also minimize work related conflicts by enhancing understanding and keeping the language official (Orey, 2015)..

 Organizations can also make their managers to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures by setting high moral standards such as respect and integrity. Managers must show and be willing to uphold high moral standards not just to impress their superiors but also to serve as examples to their juniors (Orey, 2015).. Respect and integrity are the strong fabrics of intercultural communication and suitable work environment.