Changes in Beliefs

Humans get used to what they are exposed to, which turns to be their norms or beliefs. For instance, when a child is introduced to a church, he or she develops an attitude towards the church. His interpretation on religion becomes based on his first religious experience. However, the notion might be changed at exposure or interaction with other religions centers or organizations.


For example, I was brought up in a Roman Catholic Church, which contributed to different attitudes towards religion. It made me belief that no one liked to be in church and everyone was forced to belief and worship. Through it, I learned that people in a church should be quiet and give attention to their pastor or religious leader. I also believed that children attended church because their parents did and they had no obligation to repel.

After being exposed to other religious centers such as Trinity United Church, my perception on the church changed. The experiences I witnessed were different. For instance, the congregation was free to dance and sing in the church praising their God. I came to discover that the children were happy to be in church since they had their own separate religious classes that were a bit prolonged than what I was used to.

The parishioners were able to speak to every member of the church and in the process they changed my views on attendance and participation in church. They also made me realize that the church was based on faith that each member had to believe and follow.

In conclusion, my interaction with the Trinity church changed my initial beliefs on religion. It made me realize that religion should be loved by all and every member of the congregation should participate in the faith.