Creativity, Innovation and Applied Design


 The motivation for the adoption of new ideas and inspiration and channeling them into a positive force for new business concepts is an important part of development. In the field of economics, there exist many theories, ideas, hypothesis that can be put into practice and solve real problems not only in the socio-economic development of society but also in the business system. However, a simple speeding up of this evolution, the aggressive alternation of economic relation status and economic progressiveness requires the creation of advanced methods of solving challenges, including conduction of economic operations, forecasting economic development. By integrating the concepts of anthology, cross-pollination and experimenting in everyday life, progressive development is achievable.


 Application of anthology, cross-pollination and experimenting in daily life

 The emergence of strategies is a complex scientific challenge that needs to be partially or wholly regulated of the scientific worldview. It's evident that all economic systems are the development that happens over a range of time, as development is focused and is run out in real time (Kelley and Littman, 14). Therefore, to be able to achieve significant economic goals timing is of paramount importance. This can be accomplished by borrowing of ideas and opinions and working with other people whom you have the same target objectives. Moreover, one should be willing to take risks in order discover new grounds in creativity and innovation.

 As a student, I practice the concept of an anthology by being willing to put aside what I know and listen to the opinions of fellow students. This observation with a genuine open mind has been intrinsically rewarding as can learn new concepts and perfect what I already know. When it comes to solving problems in my everyday life or even my studies, new strategies are always welcome. As I plan to take a business career in future, I'll be willing to take calculated risks as an ultimate way of pushing towards my next breakthrough. In managing of the company, I'll be sharing ideas across different departments both within and outside the business. This shall expose the employees of the company with ideas and methods consequently leading to more innovation that is beneficial to the growth of an enterprise.

Core IDEO Concepts of Anthology, Cross Pollination, And Experimenting

 IDEO is an international and designing firm that was founded in Palto Alto in the year 1991. The company utilizes the design thinking concept in the designing of services, products, environments, and digital training. The company began with a target of designing consumer product but later started to surge focus on the consumer experiences. There was a new role created for anthropologists who are exceptionally good in the reframing of a problem in a new way. Through the information from their insights in the field, they can come up with an advanced solution that can initiate a breakthrough. The role of anthropologist ranges from watching human behavior in people's inherent habitat to the tracking of customers or potential customers as they interact with a product or service (Golinska, 55).

 Kelley and Littman, (19), further explain the importance of observing the field for inspiration with fresh eyes as it creates a world of difference in collecting new observation . An anthropologist can humanize a scientific strategy and apply it in the world of business. In this book, it illustrates an example of anthropologist rewarded out of her observation skills, Michelle Lee. In her anthropologist mode, she watched as a grandma made cookies with her four-year-old grandson and eight-year-old granddaughter. Grandma had trouble reading the recipe due to the fine print, the four-year-old had trouble with the words, and that's where the eight-year-old helped out. In her continued research, Michelle found out that making waffles was a simple procedure that most kids enjoyed together with their grandparents. With this realization, the concept seems to be a key to grandparent/grandchild products and services. There is a great potential in this field and grandparents appears to be free in spending at such adorable moments.

 Experimentation is another concept that drives IDEO as it brings out the passion for hard work, an inquisitive mind, and tolerance to serendipity. Experimenters like to play, to try various concepts and approaches. They ensure that everything is faster, less costly and at times more fun. They are team players and invite all potential stakeholders who may possess inspiration in making the prototype better. A good example of experimenters is Brendan Boyle and his Zero20 gang who develops a variety of products and services for children and teens. They prototype hundreds of new concepts annually. This sheer quantity of prototyping has taught them to be celebrating the process not the tool that have led to their success.

 According to Tom and Littman, (68), there is magic in cross-pollination and the people who are behind it. Cross-pollinators innovate by the discovery of a clever solution in an industry then translating it profitably to another. For instance, the idea of a piano keyboard was transplanted from the world of music by a cross-pollinator to create manual typewriters in the business world. The manual keyboards, of course, have evolved to the electronic keyboards being used nowadays.


 Conclusively, by integrating cross-pollination, anthology and experimentation in a day to day activities across the various fields, a breakthrough in the area of innovation is likely to be reached faster (Bilton and Cummings, 63). The access to a diverse set of skills and knowledge will continue to increase the number of innovations. This concept will ensure that people are connected in a dense network in which there will be great developments within a well-established paradigm.