Multiculturalism is an objective all humanity works towards. It has existed, in some form or another, from the dawn of civilization but today, when the cultures of the world are distinctly placed on their permanent tiers, it is all the more evident. Then you pick up a book written by a foreign writer, the last thing you think about is the process that book went through for you to be able to read it. For all you know, it’s a product of your own culture, even though that writer was born thousands of miles away.  

To a certain extent, that writer becomes a multicultural entity through the fact that you can read what he/she has written. And this would not be possible without a practice you probably deem trivial: translation.  

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Designing and Drafting


 The art of designing is as old as man itself. Man has designed everything from pottery to aircraft to suit his needs. Designing was very important then as well as it is today because it incorporates two basic things – idea and utility. Without an idea there can be no design and without utility there is no purpose. When an idea is formed in the mind and is put on paper, it becomes a draft, which can be referred to, to make the idea into an object. Hence designing and drafting go hand in hand. Though the human mind is capable of conceiving great ideas, there are minute details which become difficult to recollect unless put on paper. When it comes to constructing buildings, small or big, one cannot continue without a draft depicting the design of the intended structure.

Descriptive Statistics

 A variable is a factor that can assume deferent amounts. They can be controlled, dependent or independent variable. It is worth noting that variables can either be continuous or discrete variables, this is dependent on the availability of gaps that the value in question is likely to take. The value is discrete if it has such gaps but in the case that the gaps are absent then the value takes the form of a continuous variable.

 Decision Making

 Decision making is a vital process in life that determines various aspects in the life of a person. Life is full of challenges and an individual has to decide on what suits him or her best in a given situation. A good decision is one that results in minimal risk and maximum benefits. Arriving at a good decision can be difficult. The ability to make a good decision is directly proportional to the experience that a person has had in making decision. It is important to weight all the available options and the possible outcomes that are associated with each is option before making a decision.

Creativity, Innovation and Applied Design


 The motivation for the adoption of new ideas and inspiration and channeling them into a positive force for new business concepts is an important part of development. In the field of economics, there exist many theories, ideas, hypothesis that can be put into practice and solve real problems not only in the socio-economic development of society but also in the business system. However, a simple speeding up of this evolution, the aggressive alternation of economic relation status and economic progressiveness requires the creation of advanced methods of solving challenges, including conduction of economic operations, forecasting economic development. By integrating the concepts of anthology, cross-pollination and experimenting in everyday life, progressive development is achievable.